Meet the CTA Team

Josh Wright Photo

Josh Wright

Revenue Wrangler
Caution: HR's worst nightmare
Instagram: @ozark.z06

Meeting Josh is an experience you'll never forget with his outgoing personality, highly questionable jokes, and passion for all things CTA. When he's not being forced to star in the marketing team's content, Josh leads the way as the Divisional Sales Manager fueled by sunflower seeds and energy drinks. He is an automotive enthusiast whose taste in vehicles screams bald eagles, burnt tires, and pure 'Merican muscle. Josh currently drives a Chevy 2500HD ZR2 fully loaded with our toolboxes, bumper, and ladder rack prototype. He also owns a bright yellow custom-built Corvette Z06.


Jose Martinez

Josh but with an "E"
Weakness: Die hard Cowboys fan

If you've ever called us, chances are you've heard his famous opener, "It's Jose with CTA". When he's not out wheeling with the Backwoods guys (don't tell Ryan), Jose is our Sales Account Manager where he provides awesome customer service, takes care of orders, and might take one too many vacations. Jose has had a handful of vehicles but has a huge passion for motorcycles and always has a picture of his old bike on standby (he sleeps with it). He is currently building a super clean 3rd gen 4Runner to take his family on camping and off-road adventures.


Ryan Black

Biggest Fear: Ringing phones that aren't being answered
Instagram: @rnb.arkansas

Ryan is extremely passionate about the CTA brand. When he's not at work (pretty positive he sleeps here), he's being a dad at home. He started out in the warehouse roughly 12 years ago and has worked his way up as the Vice President of the company. You can always count on Ryan to get the energy up after his lunch break (AKA the gym) because he took a little too much pre-workout and can be heard yelling to "get the phones!" from his office. Ryan currently drives a Chevy Silverado outfitted with our Gullwing Toolbox.


Jordan Weaver

Marketing Guy
Strength: Letting you know he sent an email
Instagram: @overlandaholic

Jordan is the newest addition to the CTA team as the Marketing Manager in charge of the marketing, design, and social media for the brand. Jordan's most prominent, and possibly only personality trait is that he drives a Tacoma. When not doing marketing things, you can often find everyone in his office asking him to take photos of their cars for social media. Jordan currently drives a 3rd gen Toyota Tacoma decked out for overlanding and camping.


Taylor Brewton

Obi-Wan CADobi
Caution: May leave loose bolts
Instagram: @chandlertruckaccessories

Taylor is the design genius behind the CTA products. As Product Development Engineer, he gets into the nitty-gritty details for new products, improving existing ones, and dealing with the crazy ideas from the sales and marketing team. Essentially he's a super smart guy that always has a lot on his mind, which might explain why he always forgets to tighten bolts. Taylor currently drives the best daily driver, a Honda Accord.


Larry, Curly, and Moe

The Dynamic Trio
Weakness: Can't swim
Instagram: @chandlertruckaccessories

Larry, Curly, and Moe (don't ask us which one is which because we could not tell you) are our state-of-the-art welding robots. They may have attachment issues because they are never seen apart, the three work together to help weld our bigger boxes that require long and tedious welds. They work together pretty well with our hand welder team but require an operator to keep an eye on them so they don't get into trouble.