4 Reasons to get a Truck Bed Tool Box

Truck tool boxes are important for organizing and protecting your gear. We know the importance of having high standards of workmanship and quality. With over 40 years in manufacturing , our family-owned and operated truck tool box manufacturer has developed processes to ensure superior truck tool boxes and accessories.

Tool boxes for truck beds and underbody tool boxes are convenient for storing the tools of your trade while on the go. Boxes like those from our Adapt series of truck bed tool boxes are especially popular.

Regular truck bed and underbody tool boxes aren’t as durable as they should be. We know that from experience and from doing our own research. For the adventurous types and industrious workers, you need something that can withstand anything and everything.

We produce precision-made truck bed tool storage boxes that can stand up to the toughest of conditions. We invested in the best equipment with state-of-the-art robotics to ensure you get the premium products you deserve.

4 Reasons Why Our Adapt Truck Tool Boxes Are All You Need

We made a modular truck bed tool box that can adapt to your needs and your vehicle. On top of that, we made sure it is durable and can withstand the toughest conditions so you know your gear is secure, organized, and safe.

These are four reasons why you need an Adapt truck tool box:

1. Customizable Truck Tool Boxes

Our Adapt series of truck tool boxes are unique. They allow you to create a fully customized truck tool box that suits your exact needs. We have truck accessories that give you the ability to customize the interior and exterior of your truck tool box until it’s just right. The interior molle panel and L-tracks allow you to add a number of truck tool box accessories.

You can add:

  • Storage bins
  • Socket organizers
  • Wrench racks
  • Screwdriver racks
  • Hammer holders
  • L-track Ratchet Straps
  • Hooks
  • Bucket holders
  • Aluminum bins
  • And more

With customizable truck boxes the sky's the limit and the possibilities are endless for you.We take the same approach to designing and building high-quality accessories for our truck bed tool storage boxes.

2. Improved Organization for Your Gear

A truck bed tool box is exactly what you need to keep your gear and tools organized. No one likes sifting and sorting through a mess to find what you need. Fumbling around for the right tools can make you work slower, especially if you have small items like screwdrivers getting lost around much larger pieces of equipment.

Our Adapt series of truck bed tool storage makes it easy to stay organized and prepared for your work. By customizing your own truck bed tool storage, you can ensure that every inch of available space is utilized. You can fit your specific tools and equipment in a way that improves accessibility and reduces wasted space.

Improved organization means a better workflow and less hassle for you. A well-organized and customized truck toolbox demonstrates professionalism and commitment to excellence. It sends a clear message to clients and colleagues that you takes you work seriously and pay attention to details.

3. Durable and Water Resistant Design

Storing your tools and equipment in a tool box can also help protect them from damage. Tools that are left out in the open can become damaged by exposure to the elements or by being knocked over. By keeping them in a tool box, you can protect them from these risks.

That’s why you need a tool box for your truck that can withstand the harshness of year-round weather just about anywhere. A sturdy truck bed tool box is a simple precaution that can greatly extend the lifespan of your tools.

Our Adapt series is made from aluminum which makes it nearly as durable as steel, but it doesn’t rust. Our waterproof design makes sure everything is airtight even when it rains.

4. Keeps Equipment and Tools Secure

A high-quality truck tool box can also help keep your tools and equipment safe and secure. Your valuable tools and equipment can be tempting targets if they are left unattended. Tools are not just functional items but also significant investments. A secure truck bed tool box protects this investment by ensuring your tools are not easily stolen or lost.

Our Adapt line of truck bed tool boxes come with push-button locking mechanisms that can help prevent theft. The durable aluminum case is a heavy-duty material difficult to break into.

Investing in a durable truck bed tool box is a smart and cost-effective choice. By protecting your tools, you can save money in the long run. You can avoid downtime and expenses that come with repairs and replacing your equipment.

A Versatile and Multifunctional Truck Tool Box for Everyone

Our tool boxes for truck beds are made for everyone. They provide an efficient way for you to access your equipment. The customization options make our truck tool boxes can be useful for a multitude of purposes.

You can choose from our Gullwing tool box, which features a double lid for easy access, our Single Lid tool box, which is best for storing larger and larger items, or our Lo-Side tool box if you need a compact tool box for your truck.

Our tool boxes were made for everyone, including:

  • Tradespeople
  • Contractors
  • Hunters
  • Mechanics
  • Campers
  • Anglers
  • Adventurers

For anyone who loves to explore the outdoors, the Adapt line of customizable truck tool boxes is perfect for organizing and storing hunting gear. The ability to customize it and add cargo trays, storage bins, and hooks makes it easy to carry binoculars, scopes, and anything else you may need. The MOLLE panel expands the customization options exponentially so you can arrange your gear how you see fit.

If you love to fish and find that carrying and organizing your equipment can be a challenging adventure, a truck bed tool box could help you out on your next trip. It's easy to place everything you need in these truck bed tool storage boxes and it also protects them from damage. Our tool boxes for trucks make it easy to store your rods, reels, tackle boxes, and waders.

These are the truck tool boxes you should trust if you enjoy any outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or kayaking, a truck tool box can be a great place to store your equipment.

It’s easy to keep your gear safe from damage by using our push-button lockable latches. It also makes it easy for you to access everything you need for your trip so you can avoid unwanted experiences and inconvenience.

Of course, our truck bed tool boxes are also practical for work. Carrying work tools should be a hassle when you want to get your job done right.

If you are a contractor who transports heavy-duty equipment, building materials, or supplies, then this can be a helpful addition to your truck. You can use a truck bed tool box to store items like ropes, chains, and tie-down straps. This can help ensure that items are secured.

It does everything everyone who works with tools wants:

  • It organizes everything effectively.
  • It can be customized to your liking with our different truck accessories.
  • It makes accessible tools and equipment a breeze so you can get the job done faster.
  • It keeps your gear safe from theft so no one can remove your tool box or break into it.

With the endless customization options, you are sure to find a combination of accessories to create the ultimate tool box for your truck bed.

What Makes Our Truck Tool Boxes Different?

The Adapt series is our line of customizable truck tool boxes that organize your gear seamlessly. You don't have to search for missing tools or dig through a poorly organized toolbox to find what you need. This truck bed tool storage solution is built with you in mind.


We spent time conducting our own research to develop products. This means finding out exactly what you need and how we can build better truck bed tool storage and accessories for you. We’ve examined the problems you may have faced from using substandard truck tool boxes.

We looked at real world-scenarios and developed new ways to improve how people can use their truck tool boxes. This attention to detail and intricate care really shows in the quality of our products.

Quality is something important to us and it's been a crucial aspect of how we make things. Durability is something we know you appreciate because you want truck tool boxes for your truck bed that are built to last.It doesn't matter if you are a hunter, an outdoor enthusiast, or just the average person in the street, quality shouldn't be something you can overlook.

Our truck tool boxes are made from aluminum and have a water resistant design to make sure your gear is secure from the elements. When you're transporting tools or other equipment, our truck tool boxes can help protect these items from rain, snow, and other environmental factors.

This is what makes them perfect for organizing heavy duty, bulky items. This includes outdoor gear like camping equipment, camping stoves, tents, hunting gear, binoculars, firearms, and ammunition.

Made in the USA

Supporting local companies and local manufacturers means supporting homegrown talent and expertise. Our products are designed, manufactured and assembled right in the USA. There is no outsourcing, so the entire manufacturing process goes through our strict quality control.

Manufacturing customizable truck tool boxes closer to our customers minimizes our lead times and improves our supply chain reliability. These reduced shipping times and costs make it easier for us to get quality products to customers.

Products made in the USA, like our truck bed and underbody tool boxes and accessories, must adhere to strict regulations that ensure high quality finished products. Companies like ours that have a long history of hiring local talent and pushing the boundaries of high-quality design. All of this is done to bring you the best of American-made products.

This is something you can be proud of—supporting local workers, economies and communities. Our domestic manufacturing of truck bed and underbody truck tool boxes adhere to strict environmental regulations in place.

High-Quality Craftsmanship and Engineering

We aren’t stuck in the past with our manufacturing techniques. We’ve built on our legacy as premium industrial manufacturers to provide products with unmatched quality. By using robotics in our processes, we have improved precision and accuracy in our finished products.

Handcrafted parts lack the overall consistency and quality that a machine can do. Our customizable truck tool boxes aren't handmade—they are designed by combining cutting-edge robotics with our manufacturing best practices.

We invested into our top-notch equipment to help our team create the high quality products that we are known for. This is what gives us consistency across the board. All of our tool boxes for trucks are manufactured this way.

This all leads to improved quality and standards in the final product, so when you make a purchase, you know exactly what you are getting. You won’t be underwhelmed with the level of craftsmanship that goes into our truck bed tool boxes, truck accessories and parts.

The use of robotics in our manufacturing process helps us to produce high-quality tool boxes for pickup trucks. Our customizable truck tool boxes are designed with the consumer in mind. We took the time testing and iterating, so you'll be able to have well-made products that meet or exceed expectations.

Why We Give You the Best Truck Tool Boxes

Chandler Truck Accessories is an offshoot from Chandler Equipment, one of the first vacuum parts manufacturers in the United States. We come from a long line and history of manufacturing products with unmatched quality. Our truck bed tool boxes are known for withstanding tough environments because of their industrial strength.

With that history and experience, we aim to provide customers with the same innovative designs for our truck tool boxes. This experience, knowledge, and execution is second to none with our American made truck tool boxes. You can explore our selection of truck tool boxes.