The Last Truck Toolbox You’ll Ever Need to Buy

If you’ve got loose tools and other gear rattling around in your work truck, then you know you’ve got problems. First, you can never find what you need without good tool storage. You waste time at every work site searching for this, that, or the other thing. You might have even wasted money buying a tool you already have because the original is in your truck somewhere, and you couldn’t find it when you needed it.

Secondly, loose tools bumping freely around your truck bed can easily be damaged. Sure, your hammer will likely come through unscathed, but your power drill might not be so lucky. Additionally, while the hammer certainly survives, it’s probably leaving its mark on your truck bed in the form of scratches and dents.

The bottom line: loose tools in your truck bed aren’t good for you, the tools, or your truck.

The answer is a work truck toolbox, and CTA’s Underbody Carbon Steel Toolbox is the best toolbox you can buy. We recognize this is a bold claim, but we stand by it because the CTA toolbox outperforms the competition at every turn. Our underbody steel toolbox is the last toolbox you’ll ever need to buy. We guarantee it.

Here’s why:

Underbody Mounting

The biggest drawback of most truck tool boxes is that they encroach on the already limited space in your truck bed. Our underbody toolbox adds storage in a space that you’re not using for anything else. Underbody boxes are mounted beneath the bed of your truck between the front wheel and the cabin or at the rear between the back wheel and the bumper. You get the safe, secure, organized storage space you need without affecting anything else you need to haul in your truck. Underbody boxes solve a problem without creating a new one.

Textured Black Powder Coat Finish

CTA puts a textured black powder coat finish on the carbon steel underbody toolbox that protects against scratches and smudges as well as rust and corrosion. In contrast, the industry standard is a wax-based glossy black finish that looks amazing out of the box and will keep the rust away but is highly susceptible to scratches and smudges. That glossy black looks great on day one but quickly loses its luster; our textured finish looks great today, tomorrow, next year, and every year after.

12-Gauge Steel

Gauge measures thickness; the higher the number, the thinner the steel. Most underbody toolboxes are made from 14-gauge steel. At CTA, we make our carbon steel underbody toolbox from 12-gauge steel that’s thicker and stronger than 14-gauge. As a result, our toolboxes are simply more durable than others made from thinner steel.

Stainless Steel Hinges

Stainless steel piano hinges, versus traditional mild steel, never seize and never require greasing or other maintenance. They open smoothly and easily every time.

Compression Latch

Our toolbox features a die-cast, heavy-duty, T-handle compression latch with built-in locking cylinders, steel latch protection, key locking, and a padlock option. This latch is a true compression latch, which means that the door is pulled flush to the box, and a tight, impenetrable seal is created against the gasket when the box is closed and latched. A standard, non-compression latch like those found on other boxes leaves the door a bit wiggly, and a wiggly door makes it easy for dust and water to get in.

One-Piece Gasket

CTA uses a one-piece, automotive-grade gasket that goes all the way around the door on all four sides with no joins. In comparison, our competition’s boxes have a three-sided gasket with a separate piece along the hinge with glue, and therefore vulnerable, joins at the corners.

Superior Water Protection

In addition to the compression latch and one-piece gasket, our box also has a rain gutter around the door frame which directs water around and off the box. We take protecting your tools from water damage seriously and we’ve added multiple layers of protection to keep your gear safe and dry.


The interior of our box features precision robotic welds, lipped steel at the edges for reinforcement, drain holes in the bottom that you can unplug in the event of leaks inside the box, and adjustable steel chains – not cables – that let you set the drop-down door exactly where you want it. And our box is fully designed and built in the USA.


If you’re not already convinced of the superiority of the CTA carbon steel underbody toolbox, then the fact that it comes with a 10-year warranty should clearly tip the scales. The next best box has a 1-year warranty. There’s just no comparison.

The Best Toolbox. Period.

The CTA carbon steel underbody toolbox is the best underbody toolbox on the market today, bar none. No other toolbox can touch the quality and durability of this exceptional work truck toolbox. It’s made from 12-gauge carbon steel and features details such as a stainless steel hooked-on hinge, a one-piece gasket, a die-cast heavy-duty adjustable compression T-Handle latch, and a textured black powder coat. This box is impermeable, durable, and better looking than any other box you’ll find. It’s available from CTA in a variety of sizes and comes with a single or double latch. With this toolbox, you can store your valuable things safely and securely under your truck bed, where it won’t interfere with any of your other storage or hauling needs.

All toolboxes from Chandler Truck Accessories are built to meet the highest standards. Are you ready to install tool storage that you never need to think about again? Then you’re ready for a toolbox from CTA.

We’re here to help you get the best toolbox, so give a team member a call today to discuss the details. Don’t wait; better storage is a phone call away.