5 Benefits to Investing in a Cam-Over Underbody Truck Box

Cam-over underbody toolboxes are a fantastic way to store tools securely while keeping bed space free for hauling bigger and bulkier items.

It should come as no surprise that these toolboxes are a favorite of everyone from general contractors and plumbers to maintenance workers and more. But what exactly are underbody tool boxes for trucks? And what are the main benefits of this unique style of truck tool box? Read on to find out.

What Are Underbody Truck Tool Boxes?

Underbody truck tool boxes are a type of truck tool box often used on semi-trucks and big rigs, but may also be used on smaller heavy-duty converted chassis-cab flatbed trucks used by small business owners, like the Ford F-550 and RAM 5500.

As opposed to crossbody toolboxes, which normally sit on top of the bed against the rear of the cab, underbody truck toolboxes, also sometimes called dropdown boxes, are usually mounted under the bed, either using L-brackets or screws. Accordingly, they are space-saving.

5 Benefits of Cam-Over Underbody Truck Boxes

1. Frees Up Bed Storage Capacity

One of the most notable underbody truck toolbox benefits is the ability to save your bed space for other purposes. For example, if you commonly need to use your truck’s bed to haul heavy machinery or equipment, it goes without saying that your bed space is at a premium.

Another perk of using a box that mounts on the underside of your truck bed is keeping tools away from any heavy equipment in the event that it should roll around.

2. Adds Extra Security & Anti-Theft Protection

Aside from saving bed space, another major reason to invest in an underbody truck toolbox is security. We don’t need to mention how expensive tools can be. Especially good-quality tools. Or how essential the tools of your trade are to ensuring you can meet customer needs and provide necessary fixes.

This is where cam-over locks, like the ones we use in our cam-over underbody toolboxes, really come in handy. They allow you to securely store your tools right where you need them — in your truck — without having to cart them back and forth, in and out of your truck cab and home.

3. Cam-Over Locks Prevent Door Sagging

The style of our cam-over locks prevents one of the biggest issues people often experience with inferior-quality underbody boxes: door sagging over time.

What’s more, cam-over style locks make recognizing whether your box is locked or unlocked quick and easy. So there’s no question whether or not you’ve secured your tools away safely before driving to your next destination.

4. Durable Construction Stands the Test of Time

Typically constructed out of materials like aluminum and steel, underbody truck toolboxes offer durability that lasts and lasts.

Our truck toolboxes, in particular, are robotically welded and made in the USA from smooth and treadplate aluminum, as well as carbon-coated steel for extra anti-corrosion protection. Our underbody truck toolboxes also offer stainless steel piano hinges with .25 knuckles for enhanced durability as well as gusseted corners for more structural stability.

5. Large Capacity Makes Storing & Organizing Tools a Cinch

Generally speaking, truck toolboxes make organizing and storing your tools easy and convenient. And Chandler Truck Accessories offers a variety of cam-over under-body box sizes to ensure that there’s one that works for your unique needs, including:

  • 18x18x60
  • 24x24x60
  • 18x18x48
  • 24x24x48

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