Tips for Choosing the Best Truck Toolbox

A quality truck toolbox is essential. Whether you’re hauling tools between work sites or packing gear for a weekend of off-roading, having the right storage is the only way to have what you need when you need it.

Getting the right toolbox for your needs requires careful consideration of a number of variables. If you’re in the market for exceptional truck storage solutions, the following questions are what you need to get started.

What Do You Need to Store?

Are you storing lots of small tools that you need to keep corralled and secure, do you need extensive storage for larger power tools, or do you need both? Capacity is a big consideration, and it’s where we recommend you start. After all, it doesn’t matter how slick the box looks or how well it fits your vehicle; if your gear won’t fit into it, it’s not the right box for you. An APEX box from Chandler Truck Accessories is a great option for folks who need to store both large and small items.

Capacity isn’t just about the box; it’s also about your truck. Once the storage is in place, will you also need truck bed capacity? Some storage boxes take up more space in or on your truck bed than others, so it’s essential to think about the whole picture when planning your storage. It’s worth mentioning that effective storage can increase your available truck bed storage since keeping all your items in one place frees up valuable square footage. Options such as the underbody, step, and tongue boxes take zero space in your bed.

How Do You Want to Access Your Gear?

If you’re in and out of your toolbox all day long, choosing an easy access model will reduce hassles and make your workday more efficient. For example, an all-purpose toolbox typically has to be accessed from inside the bed, meaning you’ll need to climb into the bed every time you need to retrieve or stow your items. If you’ve got other stuff stored in your truck, that will slow you down and aggravate getting what you need. In contrast, crossbody or underbody models allow you to easily access your gear from outside the truck, making it simple to get in and out as often as necessary. Owners of the APEX toolbox from CTA appreciate the gullwing doors with assisted struts that allow easy access from either side of the outside of your vehicle. That, plus multiple available accessories for customizing the interior, makes the APEX one of the most versatile crossbody boxes available.

It can sometimes be helpful to see different styles in action to get a feel for how they function in real-life situations. If it’s practical, visit a dealer or look at options your friends own to start collecting ideas about what will work for you.

What Sizes Will Work for You?

Now that you’ve given some thought to what you want to store and how you want your storage to function, it’s time to take some measurements. You can start shopping for a toolbox with an overall vision in mind and measurements in hand.

The measurements you need depend on the style of box you’ll be shopping for. For a crossbody box like the APEX, you’ll need to measure the height of the walls, the distance between the walls, the height of the back window, the distance between the outside rails, the width of your rails, and the distance between the back of the wheel wells and the bulkhead. Take these measurements carefully and then retake them. And always write them down.

If you’re unsure which measurements you need, talk to a customer service expert at CTA. We’ll guide you through every step.

The Remaining Details

What else do you need to know about shopping for truck tool storage? Let’s take a quick look at a few additional considerations:

  • Material. Your toolbox is going to take a beating from the inside and out. You’ll generally find the following choices:
    • Aluminum – Aluminum is lightweight and strong, two important characteristics for truck bed tool storage. Aluminum is also non-corrosive and will not rust or deteriorate over years of rough usage.
    • Steel – Steel is considerably heavier than aluminum and stronger as well, making it less prone to scratches, dents, and dings. But steel rusts, so steel toolboxes are powder coated for protection. If the powder coating scratches, the steel underneath will begin to rust.
    • Stainless Steel – Stainless steel gives you all the benefits of steel without the corrosion, but you get those benefits at a price; stainless steel toolboxes are expensive. You will, however, often find stainless steel hinges, locks, and hardware on many toolboxes.
    • Plastic – Plastic boxes are lightweight and inexpensive but not a great option for heavy-duty use. While plastic won’t rust, it will puncture, making it less than an idea for storing sharp tools.

At CTA, we favor aluminum and steel for truck toolboxes.

  • Finish. Toolboxes are available with a smooth or treaded finish, and steel boxes are powder coated. A treaded surface provides traction and a great look.
  • The Lid. Give some thought to the lid of your box. Standard lids are an option, but you can also find lids with attached rails. These rails provide a place for you to secure additional items as needed. Many lids are also reinforced inside to protect against warping. The lid is also where you want to consider security features like locks and hinges.
  • Other Options. You can find dozens of extra options for tool storage. For example, you can line the box with a mildew-resistant carpet to protect your tools and your box. Or you can add bins, trays, magnetic strips, straps, and a myriad of other accessories to customize the interior to your exact storage needs.

Start Your Search at CTA

Start your search for the perfect truck toolbox at Chandler Truck Accessories today. We carry a wide selection of toolboxes in a range of sizes and specifications. You’re sure to find the truck storage solutions you need at CTA.