The Ultimate Truck Bed Storage Guide

A pickup truck is one of the most useful, versatile vehicles you can own. You can pretty much go anywhere and do anything with a great truck.  The bed of your pickup makes it possible to carry a ton of gear. However, without some kind of cargo management system, that stuff just rattles around in the open bed space. That’s where truck bed storage ideas can help. 

Without a truck bed storage solution, loose gear can be a serious problem. Your gear can get damaged, it can damage your truck, or it may even be lifted by thieves. Plus, unorganized gear in the bed of your truck makes life harder than it needs to be 

A great truck bed storage system can fix all that. In this guide, we’ll explore truck bed storage ideas, benefits and more. 

Benefits of Truck Bed Storage 

When we talk about truck bed storage, we're talking about more than just a toolbox, though toolboxes are certainly one option. We're talking about carefully planned truck bed storage solutions that are crafted to protect and manage the specific types of items in your truck. We hinted at the benefits of installing such truck bed organizers above, but they're worth mentioning again. 


If you don't have a truck storage system, chances are, the back of your truck attracts clutter. And that clutter makes it hard to find what you need when you need it. Implementing a good truck bed storage idea stops the searching. 

Practical truck bed storage ideas and systems can make a world of difference for professionals who rely on their truck beds to carry a multitude of tools and equipment. By making the most of the available space, contractors, landscapers, and service technicians can transport more items without dealing with clutter. It's all about optimizing space to ensure efficiency and convenience on the job. 


Without a truck bed organizer or storage solutions, tools roll from side to side, and light items may fly out of the vehicle altogether. But that's not all; if you have tools banging around in the back of your pickup, they will scratch and dent the bed. This leaves your vehicle exposed to rust and corrosion. Effective truck bed storage keeps items secure, so they don't get damaged, and neither does your truck. 


Items stored out in the open in a truck bed can be damaged by rain, snow, wind, dust, and even heat. They're also susceptible to theft as almost nothing's easier for a thief than snatching a tool or two out of the back of an open pickup. It doesn’t matter if you're hauling tools for work or gear for play, keeping your items secure in a pickup bed storage solution will avoid costly damage or theft.  

If you want to keep your gear safe, you need a secure truck bed storage system. Investing in a reliable truck bed storage system will secure your gear and save yourself from the hassle of having to replace or repair expensive equipment. 

How to Find the Right Truck Bed Storage 

If you jump online looking for truck bed storage ideas, you'll be inundated with thousands of options. It won't take long to feel completely overwhelmed, and the chances of spending a lot of money just to bring home the wrong truck bed storage solution are high. 

There are several approaches to finding the best storage solution. We've got lots of truck bed storage ideas for you to explore. The team at Chandler Truck Accessories would love to brainstorm about what will work best for you, so please give us a call. In the meantime, consider these two things: your truck and cargo needs and the available options. 

Your Truck and Cargo Needs 

A well-structured storage system makes the process of loading and unloading items a breeze. For professionals also significantly boosts work efficiency and productivity. A good truck bed storage idea and solution it's not just about saving time and effort, it's about working smarter. These are the factors you should consider. 


It's a good idea to have a general idea of your truck's measurements before you start shopping to help you narrow your search. Once you land on a potential solution, you'll want to pin down your measurements more precisely and our team is ready to help with that. 

The size and shape of truck beds can differ greatly, depending on the truck's make, model, and year. Your truck bed storage ideas should match your truck bed's specific dimensions for a secure installation. If they don't fit well, you might end up with wasted space or an impractical small size. An ill-fitting storage system can cause problems like sliding around, trouble accessing items, or even hindering the tailgate from closing correctly. 

The dimensions and layout of your truck bed will determine the usability of any installed storage system. For example, a storage setup perfect for a large truck with an extended bed might not be easy to use in a smaller, mid-sized truck with less bed space. 


Having a clear picture of the cargo you'll be hauling is essential for two reasons.
First, you need to make sure the truck bed storage solution is big—or small—enough to accommodate your items. Smaller items need different storage than larger ones to provide the containment, organization, and security you're after. 

Second, you need to make sure that your storage container leaves enough space for anything else you may want to bring along. For example, if you're an avid 4-wheeler, you'll want to make certain your truck bed has plenty of room for your ATV after you install an ADAPT gullwing toolbox. Or, if you're hauling lumber to a worksite, you'll want to be certain that your DECKD drawer system leaves room on top for everything else you need to bring along. 

General Truck Bed Storage Ideas and Available Options 


Truck bed toolboxes come in all different shapes and sizes. In addition to standard toolboxes, you can find specialty truck bed storage solutions such as these: 

  • Gullwing. A gullwing toolbox is mounted at the bulkhead of the bed. The edges of the box rest atop the bed rails. Meanwhile, the body of the box drops into the body of the bed but doesn't usually touch the bed itself. The gullwing name refers to the fact that the box opens from both sides to give you easy access to the entire box. The ADAPT Gullwing from CTA is also compatible with a wide variety of ADAPT accessories. These accessories allow you to customize the interior for the exact pickup bed storage configuration you want. 
  • Underbody box. An underbody toolbox is mounted beneath the truck bed. You'll often see these on flatbed trucks mounted between the bulkhead and the rear tire, between the rear tire and the rear bumper, or sometimes even both. A CTA underbody box adds storage without taking up any otherwise usable space. 
  • Drawer system. A drawer system like the DECKED drawer system gives you two drawers the length of the truck bed plus a high-capacity deck system on top. This gives you lots of storage space in the drawers plus a full bed of storage above. 

Toolboxes keep your gear in place and protect it from the weather. Regardless of what you choose, your truck bed storage idea needs to offer security features.  These features can include locks and padlock rings, weatherproof materials, and high-quality, durable aluminum or steel construction. 


Stabilizer bars attach to the sides of your truck bed and provide a secure place for you to attach cargo. They are excellent for other organizing tools such as dividers or cargo nets. You can attach pockets to stabilizers to keep track of smaller items. Or, use them to secure large items, but items will be exposed to the elements. 


A tonneau cover covers the entire bed of the truck, adding protection from weather and keeping your items out of sight. But a tonneau cover does nothing to keep your stuff from moving around in the bed when the truck is in motion. It’s not the best truck bed organizer if you have a variety of tools to sort through. 

Get the Storage You Need 

Learn more about Chandler Truck Accessories by visiting our website or giving us a call today. We carry an exceptional collection of truck bed storage ideas and solutions. Let us help you find exactly what you're looking for.