Underbody Carbon Steel Toolbox


Size (H X D X L): 14 X 11 X 24 - SINGLE LATCH
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12-Gauge Carbon Steel


In addition to 12-Gauge Carbon Steel, this Underbody Toolbox comes standard with Stainless Steel Hucked On Hinges to provide door longevity and top performance. Of course we’ve included the Die Cast Heavy Duty Adjustable T-Handle with a latch offering an adjustable roller cam with key lock in addition to a padlock loop. Complete with the 3/16” Dual Check Chains for added durability, and as always, the highest-quality powder coating in the business.

Product Specifications

  • 12-Gauge Carbon Steel
  • Die Cast Heavy-Duty T-Handle (Adjustable with Key Lock)
  • Robotically Welded
  • Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Stainless Steel Hucked On Hinges
  • Commercial Grade One Piece Gasket
  • Drop-Down Door with Dual Check Chains
  • Made in the USA

The Brilliance of and Underbody Toolbox

Adding extra truck storage is a must for folks who work out of their trucks. There’s never enough room to store tools in a standard truck setup. Without sufficient storage, tools rattle around loose in the truck getting lost or damaged and owners waste time looking for stuff that’s better spent working.

Truck toolboxes are the solution. A solid, durable truck toolbox gives you a secure place to stow your gear so it’s safe and so you can find it when you need it.

Many truck toolboxes sit in the bed of the truck. This is all well and good, but what if you need to haul other stuff in your bed? A toolbox that’s in the way creates more problems than it solves.

The solution is an underbody carbon steel toolbox. An underbody toolbox mounts beneath the bed of your truck typically between the front tires and the bulkhead or between the back tires and the rear bumper. It’s brilliant actually. You get the extra storage you need without taking any valuable bed space away.

CTA Underbody Box

The carbon steel underbody toolbox from CTA is exceptionally engineered. It’s made from 12-gauge carbon steel and comes with stainless steel hucked-on hinges and a die-cast heavy-duty adjustable T-Handle with a latch and an adjustable roller cam. The outside is covered with the highest-quality powder coating you can find. This box is absolutely impermeable, lasts forever, and looks amazing.

Stow your stuff safely and securely away in this carbon steel underbody toolbox. Weather won’t get in. Thieves won’t get in. Dust won’t get in. Only you will get in easily anytime you want to access your stuff.

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